A Look into Asset Management

A Look into Asset Management

Real estate asset management is a crucial part of successful property investment. It’s more than just the day-to-day tasks handled by property managers; real estate asset managers take a broader, strategic approach to ensure the long-term success of an investment property. The whole idea is to accumulate, protect, and maintain wealth over time by acquiring, […]

Can you buy apartments with no money?

Maybe, but probably not. Every time I see an ad on social media claiming to possess the secret to buying large multifamily assets (5 or more units) with no money out of pocket I have to resist the urge to comment. And on top of that, they claim you can do it with no experience. […]

Evaluating Real Estate Investments

Evaluating any real estate investment is fairly simple. Take the gross annual income, subtract expenses, consider how much the annual debt service and acquisition will cost you, and then decide if the profit leftover is worth pursuing. Next, we will break down the most common expenses you will encounter and how to underwrite these conservatively. […]

How To Get Started

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