About Us

Founder & CEO

David Lilley

David began real estate investing in 2013 with the purchase of his first Single Family Rental. Drawn to the economies of scale inherent to Multifamily, he purchased a 6 unit MF property in 2018. David has since sponsored the purchase of 785 MF units valued over $100m.

Starting from scratch, David has direct experience with every facet of real estate acquisitions, redevelopment, and property management.

Prior to his career in real estate, David served as an Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps with one combat deployment to Afghanistan. He worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic and was specially trained in multiple technical rescue disciplines. He later worked under the Department of State providing Close Protection to DoS officials to include the Secretary of Defense. He deployed multiple times to Baghdad, Iraq.

Finally, David deployed multiple times to the southern Philippines in direct support of SOCOM as a Search and Rescue Paramedic.

His life experience has been essential in the development of his critical thinking skills and ability to solve complex issues while remaining steadfast and poised.

Our Core Values


We stand by our morals and values even in the most difficult situations. We are held accountable by the precise and transparent reporting we provide to our investors.​


We are committed and dedicated to our investors and our firm, and we strive to act in their best interests above all else. We place our trust in the firm and its leadership.​


We adhere to our processes and strategy when making investment decisions. We make objective decisions with a clear understanding of our Risk Management Framework.

Attention To Detail

We are thorough and meticulous in our work which enables us to identify the smallest of errors and inefficiencies. This ensures that all tasks and projects are completed to the best of our ability. ​

Perpetual Improvement

Complacency kills progress. We will continue to seek out ways to improve the performance of our portfolio, our firm, and we will always strive for perfection.

We Are Reap Capital

Reap Capital is an IRR driven, vertically integrated, value-add operator. We purchase underperforming assets and increase their revenue by renovating, upgrading, repositioning, or improving the functionality of the asset.


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Investor Relations

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Katie Coleman

How To Get Started

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